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Catalog comparison: Kenai and Workplace

With the release of Workplace 4.4, a catalog is now natively available in the Workplace platform. The table below provides a comparison between the catalog included in the Kenai theme and the native Workplace catalog.

Kenai catalogWorkplace catalog
General layout• Header includes search, sort, all filtering menus, and grid/list selection

• Depending on site-level configuration, tabs can be displayed below the header for separating items based on user enrollment

• Header includes search and category filter

• All other filtering is accessed from a left-side filtering pane that slides out automatically whenever a category is selected or a search is entered (the pane also collapses automatically, when a search entry is removed or the search icon is selected)

Program support• Site-level configuration of programs display

• Per-program configuration for user self-enrollment via catalog

• No (planned for Workplace 4.5)
Progress tracking• Catalog can include a user’s current and completed learning; for current learning, cards display a progress bar and percentage of completion  • No
Catalog pre-filtering• Site-level configuration allows for curriculum to be displayed based on enrollment method, or per-user self-enrollment capability (either through enrollment method or, for courses in a program, enrollment in that program)

• No (all courses available to the user display, regardless of enrollment method)
Filtering options• Curriculum type (course or program)

• Categories

• Course/program custom fields
(three maximum)

• Per-user enrollment status

• Competencies

• Categories

• Tags

• Custom course fields (unlimited)

Filtering management• Fixed layout on catalog page

• Mix of single-select dropdowns, checkboxes, and modals

• Site-level configuration for curriculum type and competencies

• “Modify View” button/modal supports end-user control of all filter/sort elements (can be disabled at site level)

• For course/program custom fields that populate catalog filters, support for centralized management of values (available in menus to course/program admins)

• Site-level control of visibility and ordering for all elements in the filter pane

• All elements are collapsible, multi-select

• Any course custom field of the dropdown type can be displayed in the filter pane
Subcategory filtering• Multi-page modal with breadcrumb

• Category order is by a category’s system ID

• Selection of a category with subcategories includes items in those subcategories

• Cascading menus

• Depending on site-level configuration, selection of a category with subcategories will result in a multi-select menu in the filter pane

• Category order is synced to the order in the course category UI

• Selecting a category with subcategories will only filter by the parent category

Sort options• Sorting by alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order• No
Search options

• Course: full name, short name, summary and id number

• Program: name, description and id number

 • Site-level choice of two approaches: simple (course full name and summary), or advanced (configuration of searchable course information, including all custom fields, and ordering of search results priority)

Grid/list view• Per-user control (depending on site-level configuration)
• Automated (grid for initial view, list for search/filtered view)
Grid layout• Accommodates full width of page, maximum of four cards per row
• Fixed limited width (without CSS customization) found in Moodle 4.x courses and dashboards; maximum of three cards per row
Scrolling/pagination• Infinite scrolling, no pagination
• Paginated, no scrolling; configurable for number of items per page
Item presentation

• Fields and buttons in a fixed layout

• For unenrolled curriculum, users can launch a modal with image, description, and button to access

• For enrolled curriculum, navigation is direct from item 

• List of fields (per site-level configuration)

• Supports different configuration for grid and list view

• Direct navigation from item 

Course images• Display of uploaded image, or system-generated image if no image uploaded
• Display of uploaded image, or system-generated image if no image uploaded
Program images• Display of uploaded image, or system-generated image if no image uploaded
• No
Image aspect ratio• Site-level configuration of forced aspect ratio (none, 3:2, 4:3, 5:4)
• No
Responsive design• Yes• Yes
Available in mobile app• No• No

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