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What is a Custom Git Repository?


This article provides a basic understanding of what a custom git repository is, what its basic functions are, why it is needed, and why it would be created. 

Before You Begin


Git Repository

Custom git repositories can be used when creating a new site. A custom git repository is used when you have an existing git (Github or other git service) application that you would like to deploy your site code from. If you do not use a custom git repository (the default), your site code is deployed from official public git repositories (if available) for the application you are deploying.


Custom git repositories are often used by developers or customers who have had developers produce customizations to Moodle, and the Moodle site should deploy from the custom git repository.


Public git repositories and private git repositories are supported. Private git repositories are only supported in unHosting if the git service supports public Secure Shell (SSH) key authentication (for example, GitHub deploy keys). 

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