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Manually Triggering a Certificate for a User (Custom Certificate)


There are times when a certificate may not be awarded when a user has finished the activities required for the certificate. There is a way to manually award the certificate if needed.

Before you begin

  • Make sure the user has an active enrollment in the course the certificate is in

  • Make sure the user can access the Certificate activity 

Note: Adjust user's ability to access the Certificate activity if necessary


  1. Click Site Administration

  2. Click the Users tab

  3. Click Browse list of users

  4. Search for the User reporting the problem

  5. Click on the user's name to go to their profile page

  6. Click Log in asPicture of User Profile Administration Menu with Log in as link circled

  7. Navigate to the Certificate activity

  8. Click View certificate
    Picture of View Certificate button

  9. Download the Certificate

Note: This will also generate it within the activity

  1. Send the Certificate .pdf file to any relevant parties

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