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Clearing Browser Caches


What is a browser cache? To put it simply, caching is storing. Browsers will store files from the websites you visit. It is possible that you may be seeing cached files in Moodle, and the cached files may not contain the most current information. Clearing your cache can help clear cached files so you can see the most current information on your Moodle site.

Before You Start

Common Steps

When troubleshooting any Moodle error, a common first step is to clear your browser cache. Clearing the caches helps to confirm that you are seeing the most recent information available on your Moodle site.

The steps to clear your browser cache will vary depending on your browser.

For Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers:

  1. Navigate to your browser settings

    1. Browser settings may be located in the three dot/hamburger icon on the top right or left corner of your browser

  2. Find the Privacy & Security settings

Note: Below image is of Mozilla Firefox

Picture of Privacy and Security settings in Mozilla Firefox browser

  1. Click Clear Data to clear the cache

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