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Helping Users Self-Enroll in Courses on Moodle Workplace

To allow users to browse and self-enroll in courses on Moodle Workplace, a combination of settings must be set.

Category Visibility for Shared Courses

If your courses are shared by multiple tenants (meaning you are not using tenant-specific categories), you must allow Authenticated Users the ability to View Category and Courses Within It.

  1. Click the Workplace Launcher

  2. Click Courses

  3. Click the cog next to the course category

  4. Click Permissions

  5. Click the under the Roles with permission column

  6. Add Authenticated Users

  7. (Optional) Add Guests if guest should see course listings

If you would like certain roles such as authenticated users or guests to be able to view all categories and the courses within it, you can adjust the role permissions for the role.

Any courses or categories hidden will not show to authenticated users or guests

Enrollment Settings

Courses may be set for self-enrollment or enroll on payment to allow users to choose when they would like to enroll. 

Programs and Certification Enrollment

By default, Moodle Workplace does not allow self-enrollment methods for programs and certifications.

As an alternative, you may consider using the Subcourse Moodle plugin to act as a self-enrollment trigger attached to a dynamic rule. An example dynamic rule may have the condition of users enrolled in subcourse and the action of allocation to program.

Additionally, the Kenai Theme may be a consideration for your organization. Kenai is a premium Moodle Workplace theme with a custom front page and course catalog. It is a great way to provide logged in users with a structured front page to highlight featured content and a course catalog (including course cards) to advertise course offerings. 

In addition to course cards, the Kenai theme's catalog page can also display cards for programs, and in the Moodle Workplace 4.0+ compliant Kenai version, learners can even self-allocate directly to a program from the program card. Please ask your Moodle US Account Manager for details if you are interested in purchasing this custom theme or learning more about Moodle Workplace.

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