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How to Submit a Moodle US Ticket

  1. Login to

  2. Click Submit a ticket.

  3. Provide the requesting client email in the Contact field. 

  4. Type a descriptive subject  that describes the problem in the Subject field.

  5. Type a detailed description of the request or problem in the Description field. 

Note:  If this is an error report, concise steps to replicate will lead to faster resolution times. Always use as much specific information as possible; User A, Course A, Activity A, etc. In a situation where we may not be able to login directly, visual aids are greatly appreciated.

 Picture of Submit a ticket form for Moodle US

  1. Copy and paste the URL of the impacted site in the Site URL field. 

Note: Many of our clients have multiple sites. Providing a URL in this field, though it is not required, is incredibly helpful for responding agents.

  1. Choose the priority of the request from the Severity dropdown. 

Note: Outage reports should always be set to Urgent. 

  1. Click the Submit button

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