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Kenai 4.12 Release Notes

The Kenai 4.12 release introduces new functionality that improves both administrative management and the learner experience.

Note: with Kenai 4.12, we have revised our release approach and naming convention. Kenai 4.12 is a parent release that collects releases compliant with particular Moodle Workplace major versions. The parent name includes the common major-release branch (in this case, 4.x), as well as the latest release count for that branch (in this case, 12).

Kenai 4.12 includes the following releases:

  • 4.3.2 (Workplace 4.3)

  • 4.2.3 (Workplace 4.2)

  • 4.1.4 (Workplace 4.1)


  • This release improves responsiveness, with shorter load times for the front page and catalog page, as well as quicker card generation during catalog scrolling.

    Note: additional performance gains can be achieved if the "Show courses that allow a user to self enroll in the catalog" setting is not enabled. This setting requires the system to check if courses have an enrollment method with a self-enroll function, and if the user meets the conditions to self enroll. For sites only relying on the core self-enrollment method and/or enrollment via Workplace program allocation, this setting can be disabled, and instead the appropriate enrollment methods can be selected in the "Additional catalog enrollment methods" menu.

  • For the front page “featured content” section, the appearance of course/program cards is now aligned with other cards on the front and catalog pages (the appearance of custom cards remains unchanged).    

Bug fixes

  • For catalog cards on the front page, ratings do not display (KNI-55)

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