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Kenai 4.18 Release Notes

Note: Kenai 4.18 is a parent release that collects releases compliant with particular Moodle Workplace major versions. The parent name includes the common major-release branch (in this case, 4.x), as well as the latest release count for that branch (in this case, 18)

Kenai 4.18 includes the following releases:

  •  (Moodle LMS/Workplace 4.4)

  • (Moodle LMS/Workplace 4.3)

  • (Moodle LMS/Workplace 4.2)

  • (Moodle LMS/Workplace 4.1)   


  • Compatibility with Moodle Core LMS and Workplace 4.4

Bug fixes

  • Auto generated image for custom featured item if none is present (KNI-98)
  • "Browse featured content" not displaying properly (KNI-106)
  • On front page, "View more" modal does not launch (KNI-107)
  • Program start assumes site is at root level of domain (KNI-110 )
  • “Arrow” icon outside of button element on course cards (KNI-111)
  • Footer banner not remaining fixed (KNI-116)

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