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Kenai 4.13 Release Notes

Kenai 4.13 introduces new functionality that improves both administrative management and the learner experience.


Note: Kenai 4.13 is a parent release that collects releases compliant with particular Moodle Workplace major versions. The parent name includes the common major-release branch (in this case, 4.x), as well as the latest release count for that branch (in this case, 13). 

Kenai 4.13 includes the following releases:

  • 4.3.3 (Workplace 4.3)

  • 4.2.4 (Workplace 4.2)

  • 4.1.5 (Workplace 4.1)


  • This release supports adding custom icons for course activities. Site administrators can access a table listing all default icons; for each activity, they can upload a custom image in a variety of formats.

    Note: We recommend icons with black lines and transparent backgrounds, since Moodle displays a color underneath the icon, based on activity type. If you’re considering other icon designs, keep in mind that Moodle also inverts the colors of the icon with a filter, and that some styles may need to be overridden in admin settings.

  • To better support navigation in a course, a new “go to top” button can be configured; after a certain amount of scrolling, the button displays in the lower right corner of a page, for quick access back to the top of the page.      

  • For additional visual branding of catalog cards, Kenai now supports pulling an image via the Picture custom field plugin (which must also be installed on your site), to display as a thumbnail on a card.

Bug fixes

  • Kenai allows setting icons in custom nodes even though core does not render them (KNI-90)

  • Text fields are generated without displaysize and ispassword attributes (KNI-91)

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