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Kenai 4.15 Release Notes

Note: Kenai 4.15 is a parent release that collects releases compliant with particular Moodle Workplace major versions. The parent name includes the common major-release branch (in this case, 4.x), as well as the latest release count for that branch (in this case, 15).

Kenai 4.15 includes the following releases:

  • (Workplace 4.3)

  • (Workplace 4.2)

  • (Workplace 4.1)   


  • Support for course subcategory filtering has been added to the catalog page. While the existing “categories” menu remains, it will now let users drill down into, and filter by, every subcategory level, with a breadcrumb for easily finding a parent category.

Note: Currently, selecting a category only filters for courses in that category, and not any of its subcategories; with this release, however, selecting a category will filter for courses in all of its subcategories, too.    


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