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Kenai 4.16 Release Notes

Note: Kenai 4.16 is a parent release that collects releases compliant with particular Moodle Workplace major versions. The parent name includes the common major-release branch (in this case, 4.x), as well as the latest release count for that branch (in this case, 16)

Kenai 4.16 includes the following releases:

  • (Workplace 4.3)

  • (Workplace 4.2)

  • (Workplace 4.1)   

Bug fixes

  • Sesskey error occurs on catalog page when using guest auto-login without "force users to login" enabled (KNI-101)

  • Scroll autoloading does not respect the selected category in the category filter (KNI-102)

  • Courses using custom field defaults not being correctly filtered in catalog (KNI-103)

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