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Kenai 4.1.1 Release Notes

The Kenai 4.1.1 release introduces new functionality that improves both administrative management and the learner experience for the theme’s front and catalog pages. It also provides fixes for a variety of issues. 


Note: This release is only suitable for Moodle Workplace 4.1 sites; for information about the latest release that is compliant with Moodle Workplace 4.2, see Kenai 4.2.0 release notes. For installation of Kenai 4.1.1, please submit a request to the Moodle US help desk.

Kenai enhancements

  1. New front-page elements for learners to track progress
    To provide learners with more granular tracking of their progress, the front page can now be configured to add more sections displaying course and program cards, while the existing mandatory section has been improved. 
    Learners can expand/collapse each section, and they can also click on a “View All” link (configurable) for each section, to navigate to full program and course lists. The front page can include sections for:
    • Recent (based on learner access date, only course cards)
    • Mandatory (based on Kenai setting and user enrollment, configurable for course or program cards)
    • In-progress (based on due date, configurable for course or program cards)
    • Recently completed (configurable for course or program cards)
  2. Improved course/program cards
    • Appearance has been standardized for all cards.
    • Cards include a progress bar and completion indicator.
    • Information on cards stacks vertically, for a cleaner look with no text wrapping.
    • Learners can navigate directly from a card to the appropriate program or course if they are already enrolled.
  3. Catalog settings for learners
    A “Modify View” modal lets learners control the catalog page display, with options for showing/hiding each filter, as well as for filtering courses/programs to which the learner is already enrolled.
  4. Improved announcements
    Multiple announcements can now be configured, per-tenant; the announcements are presented as a scrollable carousel on the front page, and each announcement includes a “Read More” link that can be configured with a URL target and an option to open in a new tab/window.
  5. New footer banner
    A footer message can now be configured, at the site level, to display across the bottom of all pages in the site.
  6. Consolidated administrative settings
    In Site Administration, Kenai settings have been combined in a single location, with separate tabs for “General” and “Home Page” settings.
  7. Kenai theme image
    A unique Kenai thumbnail image now displays to Site Admins when they select themes.
  8. Improved front-page settings
    • A front-page video can now be configured so that a “standardize video height” setting, which ensures consistent height on differently sized viewing windows but may cause text placed within a video to be cut off, can be disabled.
    • The shared space no longer displays as a potential tenant selection. 
    • When configuring the front page for a particular tenant, any programs available to members of that tenant, including programs in the shared space, can be selected for the “featured items” carousel. 
    • When configuring image cards for the front page, the “text” field is no longer a required setting.
    • A variety of new settings have also been added to manage the new front page components.

  9. Improved site-wide settings
    • “Enable My Cards” controls whether the “My Cards” catalog tab (for filtering a learner’s enrolled curriculum) should display on the catalog.
    • “Catalog view options” controls which catalog formats are available to learners (grid, list, or both).
    • “Disable custom fields recreation” ensures that Kenai custom fields that are deleted from courses and programs will not be automatically recreated.
  10. Kenai APIs
    New APIs make it easier to extend course/program cards without forking the theme.
  11. Improved filter and access management for the catalog
    With this release, learners will only be able to view catalog cards, as well as catalog filter values, for courses and programs to which they have access; guest-user access to content extends beyond site-level permission to tenant-level restrictions, depending on the tenant URL. 
  12. Improved accessibility and usability
    This release also includes several key improvements to better support accessibility and usability for Kenai pages:
    • Navigable course and program images on catalog cards (as well as images on “View More” modals) will now indicate the appropriate course/program name when scanned by a screen reader.
    • Course and program names on cards are now navigable.
    • Keyboard navigation on Kenai pages has been improved.

Kenai bug fixes

  • Program dropdown for featured-item selector is empty
  • Disabling competencies at site level breaks Kenai catalog
  • Extra break tag cannot be removed
  • Invalid parameter when users rate courses they are enrolled in
  • Catalog shows in the content bank
  • Prevent empty spaces in catalog filter drop-down menus
  • Remove debugging notices on the front page related to disabled settings
  • Program cards missing info icons
  • Fix navigation node selection on catalog page

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