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Kenai 4.3.0 Release Notes

The Kenai 4.3.0 release introduces new functionality that improves both administrative management and the learner experience. It ensures our custom theme is compliant with version 4.3 of Moodle Workplace, and it also provides fixes for several issues. 


Note: This release is only suitable for Moodle Workplace 4.3 sites; for information about the latest release that is compliant with Moodle Workplace 4.2, see Kenai 4.2.1 release notes, and for the latest release compliant with Workplace 4.1, see Kenai 4.1.2 release notes. For installation of Kenai 4.3.0, please submit a request to the Moodle US Help Desk.  

Kenai enhancements

  • Improved image management for catalog cards

    • If a course or program does not include an uploaded image, the corresponding catalog card will display a system-generated image.

    • A site-level setting has been added to enforce a uniform aspect ratio for all catalog card images. Options are 3:2 (default), 4:3, and 5:4, and you can also disable the enforcement. (Note that aspect ratios of system-generated images may differ greatly if enforcement is disabled.)

  • Administrative control for the “Modify View” modal

    • A site-level setting has been added so the “Modify View” modal on the catalog page, along with any preferences selected via the modal, can be disabled.

Kenai bug fixes    

  • Catalog that is open to guest users requires login when the user scrolls (KNI-46)

  • Missing valid list can cause empty array from web service (KNI-42) 

  • Standard Home page cannot be accessed even if Kenai Home is disabled (KNI-31)

  • The "exclude my courses" setting does not apply to courses retrieved via web services (KNI-52)  

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