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Kenai 4.1.3 Release Notes

The Kenai 4.1.3 release introduces new functionality that improves both administrative management and the learner experience.  


Note: This release is only suitable for Moodle Workplace 4.1 sites; for information about the latest release that is compliant with Moodle Workplace 4.3, see Kenai 4.3.1 release notes, and for the latest release compliant with Workplace 4.2, see Kenai 4.2.2 release notes. For installation of Kenai 4.1.3, please submit a request to the Moodle US help desk.  

Centralized filter management

This release provides a new approach for creating and managing the custom values added to courses and programs to support filtering on the catalog page. 

  • Instead of relying on short-text fields—which result in catalog filters displaying any values that are entered—organizations can now centrally manage filter values, which are presented in course and program settings as dropdown menus.    

  • For this feature, we have introduced a new "options" field type. It lets you add multiple values to be displayed in a dropdown; you can assign one value to be the default selection if no other value is selected, so that all courses and programs have a filter value. It also ensures minimal disruption if values are edited, and it supports Moodle filter plugins such as Multi-language content.

  • With this release, filter management is now tenant-aware. If the shared space is selected, any changes made to Kenai filter values (via the "Course custom fields" or "Programs custom fields" UI) will be inherited by all other tenants; if another tenant is selected, any values added will only display to users in that tenant when they access course or program settings.   

  • To help Kenai clients who want to transition to the new field type, we have included a migration tool. If a site has existing short-text values, a "Text field migration" link will display in the "Themes" section of Site Administration. With this tool, all values will be migrated to the "options" field type, and the short-text fields will be renamed so they are no longer available as settings; once the process is initiated, the migration link will stop displaying. Clients can also utilize another new tool, Text field migration (Plugins > Custom fields), for more granular migration. 

  • For clients who don't enable the Workplace shared space, a "Universal tenant values" feature is available (also in the “Custom fields” section). This feature allows any tenant to be selected for applying its filter values to all other tenants.

Other enhancements

This release also includes the following enhancements:

  • Card-image ratio is now applied to images in catalog card modals

  • On the catalog page, the program/course selector menu has been shortened in width to provide more space for other menus

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